Health Care

The one constant in health care is change.  Tom has worked on all sides of health care, from data to insurance to devices to health care associations.

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Data and Technology

Data and technology drive organizations; they should also drive your communications. Tom will help you use the data you own and make sense of your technology for your audiences.

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Award-winning journalism; award winning humor writing; award-winning public relations campaigns. Tom is a top-notch writer, in any format. Make his words the center of your publicity efforts.

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Panoramic Public Relations

With careers in journalism, politics, and public relations Tom has seen it all done it all. So when it comes to your bottom line, he understands the realities, complexities and opportunities.

Panoramic public relations can only happen if your PR leader knows all the angles, has lived all the angles and can anticipate all the angles.

Tom has worked with start-ups, technology companies, not-for-profit organizations, Fortune 500 companies, small business, franchises, global PR agencies, health care companies and associations. (Did we mention he knows all the angles?)

Let him craft your publicity plans and meet your goals.

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Let's Get Started

This is the part where you overlay your business goals with your communications.  Contact Tom right now -- you won't be sorry you did.