Panoramic PR

Why would you trust your communications to someone with narrow experience in just one industry? Because Tom has worked in journalism, politics, not-for-profits, technology, health care, franchises and global agencies, he has the well-rounded experience you should expect a strategic PR professional to own.

He gets your business and he knows it's complicated. He wasn't born yesterday, and neither was your business. They deserve each other.

Tom's Story

It was the best of time, it was....

Sorry, wrong story.

Tom's story is pretty straightforward. An excellent business and political journalist, Tom saw the realities of the news business and moved to politics and public relations where he knew that his strategic mindset and varied, award-winning writing styles would make a difference.  15 years later, so many organizations have re-written their own story because they trusted their business with Tom. Be part of his story, starting today.

Do it.....

Move forward today with the Panoramic Public Relations Program that only Tom can deliver.  Call, text or write Tom right now.